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About Us

We Are Babar Ahmed (WABA) are a group of concerned professionals from across the UK who want urgent reform of the one sided US-UK Extradition Treaty 2003. This treaty has robbed British Citizens of our sovereignty and given the ability to a foreign state to accuse our nationals and extradite them purely based on suspicion without due process and scrutiny by our own courts. The campaign is fronted by the case of Babar Ahmad who has been incarcerated for almost 8 long years in a maximum security prison without charge here in Britain. He is an IT professional born in south London who has been accused of running an alleged terrorist website in the UK.

SURELY if he has done anything wrong in Britain he should be tried in Britain? The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) declared in July 2004 and December 2006, as did the UK Attorney General Lord Goldsmith in September 2006, that there was ‘insufficient evidence’ to charge Babar Ahmad with any criminal offence under UK law. What is even more shocking is that the CPS authorised the extradition without reviewing all the evidence and only admitted to this hours before a parliamentary debate was held in November 2011. So the only check and balance we have buckled to pressure from another country and didn’t even bother to review the evidence.

The campaign asks that people of conscience everywhere support us and lobby their MPs and Councillors whilst making as many people aware as possible about the grave injustices of the extradition treaty and in particular the terrible case of a young man who has lost his youth sitting in a maximum security prison for the last 8 years without charge. Babar Ahmad must be tried in Britain and we must all tell the government that WE ARE ALL BABAR AHMAD.

The WABA campaign supports the campaigns of the 4 families of Gary McKinnon, Syed Talha Ahsan, Richard O Dwyer and Babar Ahmad. The individual campaign website links can be found on the right under the Blogroll header.

  1. You only have to look on the BBC website re Tim Franks on the 4th April broadcast re forty years in solitary and counting.If a country employs a Chief of Police like Scott Ford of St Francisville what is the future hold for us all ?Kindest Regards David Algar

  2. The US-UK Extradition Treaty is total crap, but to be fair at least on this occasion there is a country that wants this ‘British citizen’, whereas it could have taken forever to find a country willing to have him deported to it. It costs a bomb to move to the USA, and lucky Baba Rah Mad gets to go 4 free.

  3. Ajay Shubtill permalink

    I’m puzzled, you are prepared to waste your time and money – why not support a good cause, not festering trash.

  4. T Bradshaw permalink

    Terrorists like babar ahmad have no place in a civilised society like Britain. They should never have been allowed here in the first place and I strongly resent the incredible drain on our society that they represent.

    • Innocent till proven guilty?

    • h hanna permalink

      T Bradshaw … first of all, he is British, and second of all, he is innocent until the court and jury has proved guilt. I think the point is, if it happened to you, or someone you love, you would want the same ie. being tried by a UK jury under UK law. Perhaps the charge may not be terrorism as in this case, it may be any other criminal offence that you didn’t commit … how would you feel?

  5. Geoff Standing permalink

    Clearly a lovely young man, who has always gone out of his way to help other people of all faiths and creeds, through his gentle love of God and peace on earth. Really I don’t know what the fuss is about. Not only should he be allowed to stay but he should be allowed to develop a GCSE for teenagers on tolerance and the rights of others. He reminds me of Mahatma Gandh with his peace loving ways and revulsion at violent political actions. Bless him, when all’s said and done, on the inside, a really nice chappy.

  6. JusticeSeen permalink

    What has happened to Mr Ahmad since his extradition? What is the news?

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