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PRESS RELEASE: Emergency Protest in support of Babar Ahmad and Syed Talha Ahsan

October 4, 2012


Emergency Protest in support of Babar Ahmad and Syed Talha Ahsan on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th October 2012

Thursday 4th October 2012

The ‘We Are Babar Ahmad Campaign’ along with partner organisations, is holding a protest outside the Royal Courts of Justice on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th October from 10am asking for an immediate stay of extradition for Syed Talha Ahsan and Babar Ahmad.

As the Judges decide on representations from the lawyers of both men, it is important to note that their cases are very different from the others. Both are British Citizens accused of wrongdoing in Britain who have been held collectivey in maximum security prisons for 14 years without trial nor with any evidence being presented to them. The Home Affairs Select Committe which reviewed their cases has expressed grave concern. Boris Johnson, The Mayor of London has backed their right to be tried in Britain.

Dr Ismail Jalisi, speaking on behalf of ‘We Are Babar Ahmad’, said, “The extradition of these men to the United States must be stopped by the Home Secretary. The incarceration of these two men without trial and then carting them off to a country that does not need to provide any prima facie evidence even when it agrees that the allegations are based on actions that occurred here in Britain is quite frankly farcical.”

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) declared in July 2004 and December 2006, as did the UK Attorney General Lord Goldsmith in September 2006, that there was ‘insufficient evidence’ to charge Babar Ahmad with any criminal offence in the UK. Since then in 2011 the CPS revealed for the first time that evidence had been sent to the US without ever having been reviewed by them. The Director of Public Prosecution has refused to prosecute the men despite being able to call on the Metropolitan Police to show them evidence that it deliberately witheld and sent straight to the United States.

As the Judges determine whether a stay of extradition should be granted to Babar and Talha the Shadow Justice Secretary, Sadiq Khan MP has backed the campaign saying “If there is evidence against them they should be tried in the UK”.

Partners for the protest include: Stop The War, Muslim Council of Britain, London Transport Region – RMT, Enough Coalition, IHRC, Cage Prisoners, British Muslim Initiative, Muslim Association of Britain, Friends of Al Aqsa, Islamic Forum Europe, Muslim Safety Forum, iEngage and MDUK.


Notes for Editors

1. The protest will be held on Thursday October 4th 2012 and Friday October 5th 2012 outside the Royal Courts of Justice.

2. ‘We Are Babar Ahmad’ is a grassroots campaign working to support the families of Babar Ahmad, Gary McKinnon, Syed Talha Ahsan and Richard O Dwyer and to see a change in the UK-US Extradition Treaty 2003.

3. For more information please call 07708681014.

  1. Jerry Mander permalink

    They are bad people and deserve what they get.

  2. i'm not from a group permalink

    the UK and US we are terrorists, is that right. i don’t think so, do u also want international law to protect the prophet, how would that work then. Do u also defend the 7/7 bombers how does that work, a couple of tubes in the USA make a film and people protest all over the world killing people linked to the US, how should we respond to the 7/7 bombers or 911, just brush if off that a few people not linked in any way to anything just wanted to murder other people, it’s not like they have caused any real harm is it.

  3. Jimmy Rustles permalink


  4. ken mulla permalink

    he is guilty you thick twit as i said in my last comment go back to your own country

  5. Saif Mandaloi permalink

    They are guilty in the eyes of Allah. That is enough.
    Any person who supports dogs like these deserves to go to hell.

  6. Ajay Shubtill permalink

    Your scummy friends got slung out where they will face prison in the US……The UK will rebel against you evil fanatics, There will be no Sharia, you will beg to leave and go back from whence you came.

  7. chavy permalink

    goodbye barba and hooky and the rest of the scum, a long prison sentence awaits you all. praise be to the holy father, and mufc.

  8. You dispute the decision you clearly have not taken any notice or heard this man speak I have
    Nobody was found guilty the trial is in America

  9. Tim permalink

    Well done uk , get rid of the hook man

  10. Dan permalink

    Such men should not be allowed to roam around freely. The laws apply to all equally but these are not ordinary criminals.

  11. no such thing as british muslims permalink

    Please fuck off back where you came from you terrorist loving muslim scum!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Poor Christian permalink

    From where these different color came and pretend that their are British, i can not imagine UK a Muslim Country … British people will pay the price one day because they do believe about civil state… these extreme will transfer this Christian Country to a Muslim one… Go abou hamza Go because British are sleeping Go Go and take UK to Hell…

  13. Franky permalink

    You are all sick sad bastards

  14. hakim fairuz permalink

    haha fucking eurofaggot dhimmi pieces of garbage. rot in hell!

  15. Daniel Walsh permalink

    Why are you idiots campaigning to keep a terrorist In england. Extradition has nothing to do with islam it serves the purpose of getting terrorists who want to kill and bomb innocent people like myself or any other person you see on the tube commuting to work, out of this country and into guantanamo bay where they should rot! do you stupid people really believe a man who wants to recruit people to blow themselves up should be in the country? Why cant you just be normal like everyone else why are you so backward and why do you want to bomb the shit out of innocent people. You people are worse than pedophiles, adulterers and murderers because you use religion as an excuse for killing of innocent people. How would you feel if a small group of christians got together and interprited the bible as “we should bomb everyone else” you wouldnt like it would you. Infact i think you would reconsider the extradition law if it was you guys getting bombed periodically. You backward extremist idiots.

    There is always a select few in any faith who interprit the words of their god wrong. When it involves bombing and murdering and insighting a war, they should be locked up or made to feel how they made us normal decent humans feel. Scared, alone, and in many cases, Dead.

  16. Mark permalink

    Hope they all rot in jail!

  17. kristian the German permalink

    Finaly you muslim thugs get what you deserve!! but justice is not done until you scum are deported in your 3rd world shitholes where yo come from!!!!!!!

  18. Anonymous permalink

    This human garbage needs to be kept out of the country.

  19. They have been in and out of prison, tortured and mistreated like animals unjustly; with no charge for nearly a decade!They have been stripped of their rights as human beings for something that has not been evidently proven. The British Judicial system has now been proven to be hardly, democratic or of a strong human rights foundation. After these innocent men are extradited to the US, they will be put in solitary confinement (put in a room with no outside communication or even to step foot outside of this room, left with nothing but themselves.) for up to 3 years awaiting trial; anyone (even an animal) would go mad (mentally unstable) in this extreme isolation. All of this will only happen after they are tortured first. It is shameful for you, Jerry, to say that they deserve that; not even your worst enemy deserves this sort of treatment. Could you imagine your father, brother, uncle or son going through such a thing? How would you feel about it? I don’t even know these guys but from when I know the hard core facts are that they will suffer all of the above and probably a hell of a lot more, I feel so hurt and heart broken that this could be happening in our “Free” and “Democratic” country. This is really not fair, there are real criminals out there, getting away with the disgusting things that they do and yet our law enforcement are treating the innocent as if they are worse than the real criminals; I may not know how these men feel but I do know how it feels to be treated like a criminal before proven guilty. The British law enforcement slogan: “Guilty until proven innocent” pffff what a shame.

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