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Live Blog: BBC Newsnight – Babar Ahmad Exclusive Interview

April 5, 2012

Join us just before 10.30pm for a live blog during tonight’s edition of Newsnight. To get involved:

  • Leave comments below
  • Use Twitter to comment using the #freebabarahmad
  • Comment on our Facebook page

We look forward to joining you tonight to get your thoughts and views on tonight’s show.

11.25pm: I think that will be it for tonight. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Keep supporting the campaign and we will keep you up to date with events on Tuesday at the European Court of Human Rights.

11.22pm: A message from @freebabarahmad camapaign:

Thank you to BBC for going the extra mile in exposing the injustice that is happening to #freebabarahmad

At least we were given the chance to see and hear part of Babar’s story. This is not a single issue – there are more: Gary McKinnon, Richard O’Dwyer and others. This is a British issue.



Hope the BBC release the whole unedited interview for Babar Ahmad on iplayer. Surely he deserves more than 5 mins, been in prison 8 yrs?


The damage the police officers did to Babar Ahmad during his initial arrest, is more damage than Babar himself has ever done


we can be quick to critisise the BBC, but hats off this time to BBC for interviewing #freebabarahmad

10.59pm: Time does fly when you are live blogging. I will sum up the salient points and some of your messages, comments and tweets.

10.57pm: This isn’t about terrorism, but about how British citizens are treated. Seven years in prison without charge is just plain wrong – as is terrorism.

10.56pm: So admitting guilt helps your case in the USA?

10.50pm: So if the conditions between the US and UK legal systems are similar, why not have a trial here?

10.45pm: Caroline Lucas MP: what happened to all the evidence collected against Babar Ahmad?

10.43pm: Babar Ahmad – I wish to clear my name, I want my life back.

10.41pm: 9/11, surely changed life for many Muslims around the world. Life surely wouldn’t be the same again for many. For Babar Ahmad it lead to 8 years in prison without charge.

10.36pm: Babar Ahmad is the man we couldn’t meet…

10.32pm: Here we go…

10.27pm: Is everyone ready?

10.20pm: Welcome to the live blog for Newsnight’s exclusive interview with Babar Ahmad. We will be updating this as the interview happens.


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    HA ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaa ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaa any more wish to join him> Ha ha ha ha.

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